11 Best Escape Rooms in Jacksonville, FL in 2022 (2024)

Escape rooms in Jacksonville are live adventures where players solve puzzles and find clues to escape the game’s scene or accomplish a mission. Participants usually have a set time to escape the room and win or lose the game when time runs out.

These escape rooms are close to escape games in Orlando.

This article includes:

  • Jacksonville escape games
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So here are the best escape rooms in Jacksonville and areas near the city!

List of escape rooms in Jacksonville

Escape rooms are fun activities great for parties, happy hour, and corporate events. From Black Site hosted by One Way Escape Room to Wonderland by Escape Me Games, here are exciting escape rooms for groups in Jacksonville and nearby areas.

1. Prototype Escape Games

11 Best Escape Rooms in Jacksonville, FL in 2022 (1)

Prototype host some of the exciting escape rooms located in Jacksonville. You can find the rooms about seven minutes away from St. John’s town center and 15 minutes from Jacksonville beach. The escape games include:

  • Blackout: You experienced a blackout after your friend’s engagement party in Vegas the previous day. Your team must decipher what happened at the event and find your friend.
  • Locker Room: The game’s goal is to help a reporter collect evidence relating to a back door deal. Your group of two to twelve players must accomplish this mission unnoticed.
  • Dog Days: You will play the role of a dog character whose mum fell in the hands of the dog catcher. You must get help to locate your mum. Your team must have at least four players.

Each game will last for 60 minutes. The booking pricing starts at $29.99 for each player, depending on the number of players on your team. You can only book the escape rooms as a private game. Furthermore, the games are great for kids and are wheelchair accessible. Nevertheless, children under the age of 5 to 14 must have an adult chaperone.

Learn more about Prototype Escape Games.

2. Escapology Jacksonville

Escapology is one of the best companies that provide fun FL escape rooms, particularly in Jacksonville. There are six experiences from which you can choose. For instance:

  • Antidote: To save your team and the entire world, you will break into a rogue scientist’s laboratory. Then you must create a replica of the antidote for the virus invented by the scientist.
  • Budapest Express: There was a murder on the train you boarded. You must figure out who the murderer is before the train stops or have your fate in the hands of the killer.
  • Under Pressure: This escape room is one of Escapolgy’s more challenging rooms. You have to escape from a submarine plunged into the sea. You also have to complete your mission before you run out of oxygen.

These Jacksonville escape games are available as a private experience, with teams having a minimum of two players. A ticket costs $32.99 per player. The duration of the entire experience is 90 minutes, while the game itself lasts for 60 minutes. Also, the escapes rooms are all wheelchair accessible.

Learn more about Escapology Jacksonville.

3. Breakout Game- Jacksonville

Some of the most interestingdowntown Jacksonville escape rooms include the games by Breakout. Some of the seven fun escape adventures include:

  • Undercover Alley: You and your teammates will play as undercover detectives. You must intercept an attack by a crime organization before time runs out.
  • Runaway Train: The train you booked for a trip moves lost control, and there are explosives on board that will soon detonate. Your task lies in stopping the train and helping the passengers escape in time.
  • Do Not Disturb: While investigating a kidnapper’s whereabouts, you got trapped in his games. Your gameplay will determine if you will save the kidnapper’s victims successfully. You may end up as a victim if you fail the task.

In 60 minutes, you and your team will explore any adventure of your choice. The booking price ranges from $22.99 to $42.99 for a group of two to eight players. You can transfer an unused ticket to another player. Also, bookings are only available for private experiences.

Depending on the room booked, the number of players allowed in a team is between two to seven or eight. Players under the age of 14 years must have an adult accompany them.

Learn more about Breakout Game- Jacksonville.

4. Mind Bender Escape Rooms

11 Best Escape Rooms in Jacksonville, FL in 2022 (2)

Mind Bender hosts a series of Jacksonville escape games that will challenge you to be the best escape artist you can be. These escape rooms include:

  • Mystery in China Town: In this game, you and your team will try to decipher facts surrounding a mysterious murder. You only have until midnight to solve this mystery. A group having two to six players can share this fun experience.
  • The Jewel Heist: This room can contain up to ten players in a group. You will embark on a heist to steal a precious ruby. You either succeed in the mission or suffer the same fate as many other thieves.
  • The Four Kingdoms: A group adventure inside the woods led you to the home of a notorious psychopathic serial killer. Your team must find out how to escape before the killer returns home.

The price per player ranges from $21.99 to $31.99, depending on the particular room you book. After booking, Mind Bender allows cancellations. However, you must make any cancellation at least 48 hours before your game starts. The games are kids-friendly, requiring players under 15 years of age have an adult with them. Furthermore, all the experiences are available for private bookings.

Learn more about Mind Bender Escape Rooms.

5. One Way Out Escape Room

One Way Out provides some fun and highly rated escape rooms in Jacksonville like:

  • Rendezvous: Rendezvous will take you and your group on a midnight search of the Florida forest. You will solve mysteries in an old cabin in the woods while searching for your friend.
  • A Not So Silent Night: The experience sets on December 24th, 1993, when you and other players belong to the Elf Team 6. Your task is to track down Timmy’s new home address and notify Santa. Whether or not Timmy gets a gift from Santa largely depends on your team.
  • Black Site: You are alone, chained, and locked up in a room. Your team will help you decide how to escape despite the restraint. The live setting of this theme challenges your survival instinct even more by limiting your movement and ability to see.

Your group can have a minimum of two or four players and a maximum of eight players depending on the room. Each experience will task you and your team to escape in just 60 minutes. Adults must accompany players under 15 years. Each experience costs $32 per guest. Also, the company does not accept cancellations.

Learn more about One Way Out Escape Room.

6. The Great Escape Room

The Great Escape Room only offers one escape room which you can locate in Orange Park, within driving distance of Jacksonville.

The company themes this unique experience as ‘Escape Artist: The Final Seance Escape Rooms.’ In the game, you will take a trip back to the 1930s. The period was ten years after the famous illusionist Houdini passed away. Your goal is to help the illusionist’s wife perform a seance so she can see her late husband again. You must complete the seance within one hour.

To book, you will pay $20 for each participant. Also, players under the age of 16 cannot play unless an adult accompanies them. You may book this room as a private with up to eight participants in your group. You may also book as a shared experience with up to six participants in a group.

Learn more about The Great Escape Room.

7. Amelia Island Escape Rooms

Amelia Island Escape Rooms host five immersive rooms at Fernandina Beach, about 45 minutes from Jacksonville. The rooms include:

  • Library of Secrets: You and your group will play the role of mercenaries. You must break into a local author’s library and retrieve his government conspiracies manuscript unnoticed.
  • The Creighton House of Attic: Your great aunt Verdie invited you and your friend to the reportedly haunted Creighton house you are to inherit. However, you got trapped in the attic, and you must escape in 60 minutes or stay forever.
  • Greybeard’s Treasure: In 1819, a pirate, having a treasure obsession, captured you and your team. Your team’s decision will determine if you will successfully escape the trap-filled ship, sight the pirate’s treasure, or risk facing the pirate’s wrath.

Although younger players can play, the games are ideal for players above eight years. The booking price costs $30 per player. However, a discount rate of 15% applies for senior citizens or the military, and about 23% for students, respectively. The games are free for players under six years. Also, the number of players allowed in a group ranges from four to eight, depending on the escape room.

Learn more about Amelia Island Escape Rooms.

8. Escape Me Games

Escape Me Games organizes fun FL escape rooms at Orange Park, which are accessible to teams in Jacksonville. The highly immersive rooms come in various themes for beginners and experts. For example:

  • Once Upon an Adventure: A witch cursed you to an unknown land after you disturbed her resting place. In 60 minutes, you must make your way out of these strange lands.
  • Wonderland: Mad as a Hatter: In this experience, wonderland inhabitants are experiencing a contagious madness due to the queen’s lost heart. You must find the queen’s heart and restore the inhabitants’ sanity.
  • Escape The Video Game: This theme is great for video game fans. You and your team got trapped inside a video game you must escape. Once time runs out, then the game is over for you.

Each of the one-hour-long escape games costs $31 per participant. There is a ten percent discount on prices for first responders, military, and veterans. Although Escape Me Games does not accept cancellations, you can reschedule your game. You can have between two to ten players on your team.

Learn more about Escape Me Games.

9. Just EnCase Escape Games

11 Best Escape Rooms in Jacksonville, FL in 2022 (3)

Just Encase also have its themed escape rooms situated in Orange Park. There are three themes to choose from, which are:

  • Outpatient: You and your teammates visited your psychiatrist. However, you woke up handcuffed and with mysterious stitches on your body. You must escape the scene while fishing out the psychiatrist’s secrets.
  • 86 Bedford Street:Set in the 1920s, you and your crew can only escape a joint through the second exit door. You must figure out this door quickly before the police arrive, or the Marzoni family will successfully set your crew up.
  • Crumby Heist: Your team intends to steal some jewels from the witch. You must either escape with the treasures in time or have the witch feed on the team.

You have just one hour to complete each task. Also, the rooms are available only for private bookings for groups with two to eight players. The ideal age for players is eight years and above, with an adult accompanying players under 14 years. For players aged five and above, the booking price is $29.99 and free for players aged four years or below.

Learn more about Just Encase Escape Games.

10. Escape U

Escape U rooms include some of the most engaging games great for players of all ages. Although these rooms have their location in St Augustine, the games are still accessible for teams in Jacksonville. The three adventurous themes available for booking are:

  • The Sneaky Snake Lounge: You plan to attend a speakeasy by The Sneaky Snake Lounge. Since you belong to a rival gang, your secret mission is to destroy this business within one hour.
  • Save the Fleet: You and your team of sailors must lead other sailors to safety from the approaching hurricane. By correctly solving puzzles before the time is up, you will make your way to St. Augustine’s lighthouse, operate the beacon, and save lives.
  • The Old Jail: In this highly challenging room, you looked through an old file concerning the framing of a prisoner in the 1920s. After, you and your family found yourselves in the 1920s as the framed prisoners. You must escape the jail or stay forever.

Escape U designs the themes to last for 60 minutes. A group can have up to eight players required to pay $34.99 each. Also, all the games are wheelchair accessible, and you can only make reservations for a private experience.

Learn more about Escape U.

11. Xcape Our Room

Xcape Our Room hosts several rooms about 40 miles from Jacksonville, at St Augustine. The company’s intriguing games include;

  • The Lucky Duck Speakeasy: The evidence to prove illegal liquor transportation and sales lies in a building. You must retrieve this evidence and diffuse a bomb in the building in one hour.
  • Queen Anne’s Revenge: You will slip into Blackbeards’s ship with your team of treasure hunters to steal the captain’s treasure. You will also strive to accomplish some challenges on the boat set by Blackbeard.
  • The Chamber: You got stuck in a building that your demolishing team will soon take down. You must find clues around to escape in one hour. You can play this game in a single or a competitive mode where two teams race to be the first to escape the room.

You can book your desired experience for $30 per participant. Also, the room you book will determine if you can have up to six or ten players in a team.

Learn more about Xcape Our Room.


These escape rooms located in Jacksonville and the closer suburbs are great for building teams and entertaining adventure travellers. The rooms are usually available in various themes, ranging from heist and mystery to science and technology. Although escape rooms can be challenging and competitive as you race against the clock, do not forget to have all the fun you can with your team.

Next, check out this list of tips to solve escape rooms, and these escape game strategies.

FAQ: Escape Rooms in Jacksonville, FL

Here are answers to questions about escape rooms in Jacksonville.

What are the best escape rooms in Jacksonville FL?

The best escape rooms in Jacksonville, Florida, include Dog Days by Prototype Escape Game, Do Not Disturb by Breakout Game, The Four Kingdoms by Mind Bender Escape Rooms, and A Not So Silent Night by One Way Out Escape Room.

What can I find good escape rooms near Jacksonville?

You can find good escape rooms in Orange Park, around a 25-minute drive to Jacksonville. Some great Orange Park escape rooms include Wonderland by Escape Me Games, Escape Artist by The Great Escape Room, and Outpatient by Just Encase Escape Games. You can also locate escape rooms near Jacksonville in Fernandina Beach and St Augustine.

11 Best Escape Rooms in Jacksonville, FL in 2022 (2024)
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