Student Success - Learn & Earn | Hondros College of Nursing (2024)

It's not just about getting you through school. We make sure you come out ahead.

Learn & Earn

Our supportive, straightforward philosophy begins with our Learn and Earn Ladder approach, where each stage of your education is presented in manageable steps. After completing one program, you can take time to work as a nurse and earn income before taking the next step. Helping to get you the most real world experience possible while keeping your debt low.

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Start with a prerequisite or waitlist
Schedule day or evening and weekend classes
Gain clinical experience in your second quarter
Graduate in as few as 12 months


Median Pay



Median Pay


*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses 2021

Start earning after your second quarter!
You may be eligible to take the STNA (State Nurse Assistant) Exam after just two quarters. STNA's gain valuable experience and money to help pay for their education.

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Start as an LPN, after successful completion of our PN program, or as a transfer student
Schedule classes that accelerate your career path - ideal for adult learners
Gain more advanced nursing and patient advocate concepts
Graduate in as few as 15 months


Median Pay


*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Registered Nurses 2021

Rewarding Opportunities
With heightened patient assessment and delegation responsibility
Job Growth 9%
As fast as average

From Enrollment to Your First day on the Job

We want you to succeed. Beyond training, you'll have access to features and services you need to start your career.

Simple Enrollment

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to enroll at Hondros College of Nursing four times a year, with no waitlists and personal admissions assistance, enrolling is a breeze.

Next-Level Financial Aid

Exploring every financial aid avenue is just the beginning. Our dedicated experts offer guidance on wise spending habits in general.

Academic Mentoring

An array of services keep you on the right track: one-on-one tutoring, curriculum guidance, career path assessments, test prep, study sessions and more.

Career Services

From job search strategies to resume and cover letter writing support, we're committed to helping you find and land your dream job.

On-Campus Job Fairs

Yet another benefit of our industry partnerships: sought-after health care employers come right to our campus to meet with job candidates.

Community Partners

We have community partnerships with over 60 employers around the state. Employees of those partners could be eligible for reduced tuition.

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Since my time as an Army medic, I have always enjoyed the idea of helping people, and I’ve always found the human body and medicine to be very fascinating. I haven't found a job that can replicate the same feeling as a job in the medical field.

Christopher Roebuck

PN Program
Westerville Campus

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Strategic Partnership. Strong Competitive Advantage.

Our strategic partnerships with healthcare providers like OhioHealth give us insight into what today's healthcare employers are looking for. And not surprisingly, it's more than just exceptional clinical skills. Excellent communication and collaborative skills are also crucial for a successful career as a nurse or medical assistant.

Our focused curriculum is specifically designed to foster those professional soft skills so you have the best chance of standing out in the workforce. Plus, if you decide to pursue your next Hondros College of Nursing degree while working for one of our partners, you'll also receivea reduction in tuition.

Student Success Brochure

Download the Hondros College of Nursing student success brochure.


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Lisa Miller

Associate Degree in Nursing


Akron, Ohio Campus

Cincinnati, Ohio Campus

Cleveland, Ohio Campus

Columbus, Ohio Campus

Dayton, Ohio Campus

Detroit, Michigan Campus

Indianapolis, Indiana Campus

Toledo, Ohio Campus

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Student Success - Learn & Earn | Hondros College of Nursing (2024)


Did Hondros College of Nursing lose accreditation? ›

Hondros College of Nursing is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

How to succeed as a nursing student? ›

  1. Determine your learning style. ...
  2. Schedule study time like it's a job. ...
  3. Join a study group. ...
  4. Hire a nursing tutor. ...
  5. Take breaks. ...
  6. Try different study formats to see what works best for you. ...
  7. Take practice NCLEX tests. ...
  8. Get to know your nursing instructors.

How many days a week is Hondros College of Nursing? ›

It takes as few as 12 months to complete the Practical Nursing Program. You will average 3 days a week for the duration of the program. Classes are scheduled between 8AM and 5PM. Clinicals can start as early as 7AM.

How long is RN school in Ohio? ›

At Aultman College, our entry-level RN nursing programs include an Associate of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The ASN program is five semesters long, while the BSN program is a traditional four-year degree.

What College gave out fake Nursing degrees? ›

Federal authorities say the owners and recruiters of 3 south Florida nursing schools: Siena College of Health, Sacred Heart International Institute, and Palm Beach School of Nursing created an illegal short-cut that allowed students to skip out on proper training and obtain state licenses and certification.

What happens to your degree if your College loses accreditation? ›

What Happens if Your School Loses Accreditation After You Graduate? Good news! A degree earned before a college loses accreditation is still valid. Because many institutions close after losing accreditation, securing copies of your diploma, transcripts, and other records is a good idea.

Why is it hard to be a nursing student? ›

One of the reasons why nursing school is hard is that nursing students need to manage multiple academic responsibilities at the same time. As a nursing student, you'll not only need to do well on exams, but you'll also need to develop hands-on skills, communication skills, and bedside nursing skills.

How can student nurses make money? ›

Externships, work-study programs, and part-time CNA employment are some alternative options for earning money while learning. It's important to investigate these several avenues for funding if you're thinking about a nursing profession.

How to pass every nursing test? ›

  1. Follow the nursing exam study guide. One of the best ways to focus your nursing studies is to base your learning around the NCLEX test. ...
  2. Focus on the material covered in class. ...
  3. Think in terms of action, not facts. ...
  4. Form a study group. ...
  5. Skim-read first. ...
  6. Use outside sources. ...
  7. Know your learning style. ...
  8. Use downtime as study time.
Feb 18, 2024

Does Hondros College of Nursing drug test? ›

Whenever anyone with supervisory responsibilities within the College suspects a student has fallen short of performance or behavioral standards due to the use of alcohol or drugs, or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the College may require that individual to submit a saliva, blood, or urine sample for ...

How much does hondros college of nursing pay? ›

The average Hondros College of Nursing salary ranges from approximately $48,220 per year (estimate) for an Academic Support Advisor to $153,190 per year (estimate) for an Executive.

Does Hondros College of Nursing have online classes? ›

While courses in the PN and ADN programs are primarily offered on campus or at a clinical location, select courses are only offered online. All students receive information about how to access and use the online classroom as part of an orientation experience.

What hospital pays nurses the most in Ohio? ›

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Hospital Nurse Jobs in Ohio
Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly Pay
Wellness Center Rn$125,802$10,483
Remote Methodist Hospital Rn$105,164$8,763
Methodist Hospital Rn$100,372$8,364
Unity Medical Surgical Hospital$92,101$7,675
1 more row

What is the shortest time to become an RN? ›

Many entering the nursing profession start as generalist RNs before moving to other roles. You can become an RN in two years, but many employers now prefer nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), which takes four years to complete.

How long is the RN exam? ›

How long is the NCLEX? You have up to five hours to complete the NCLEX and can expect to receive a minimum of 85 and a maximum of 150 questions. Of these, 15 are new questions that are being piloted or pretested for use on future exams and they will not be scored. The number of scored questions ranges from 70-135.

Are Hondros College credits transferable? ›

General Policy - Applies to All Programs

Transfer credit will be considered for courses with a grade equivalent to a “C-” or better earned. Transfer credit is not awarded for Hondros College of Nursing courses with the “NUR” prefix.

What if the Nursing school I graduated from loses their ACEN accreditation? ›

What happens if a nursing school loses accreditation after you graduate? As long as you graduated from the institution when it was accredited, your degree will be legitimate and it shouldn't affect your ability to apply for jobs or get into higher-level nursing programs.

What happens to my student loans if my school loses accreditation? ›

First, very few schools survive losing accreditation. Since that means an end to financial aid and complicates state approval, most schools will close. In that case, students become eligible for closed school student loan discharge.

What is the Nursing school diploma scandal? ›

In 2021, the FBI launched Operation Nightingale, an investigation into nursing education programs that were suspected of selling fake diplomas and transcripts to individuals who then used the credentials to take a nursing exam and apply for licensure.

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